Digital Level

With the DL series, taking measurements is remarkably
simple. Just aim the telescope at the staff, adjust the focus,
and press a single key. The unit measures the height and
distance simultaneously.

Measurement is completed within 3 seconds in normal condition.
Displays of measurements are also carried out with remarkable
speed. the DL delivers unprecedented efficiency in completing all
measurement tasks.

Because it takes measurement automatically, the DL enables accurate
measurements by any operator, with no experience necessary. Automatic
operation eliminates conventional errors arising from misreading or variant
results depending on the operator.


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Model No.: DL-007
Height accuracy*
Digital reading 0.7mm/km
Optic reading 2.0mm
Distance accuracy Digital reading 10 to 100m:
Distance range digital reading 1.5m ~150m
Minimum display HD 1mm/0.1mm
Distance 0.1/1cm
Measuring time within 2 seconds in normal condition
Telescope Magnification 32X
Resolving power 3”
Field of view 1 20’
Multi-constant 100
Add-constant 0
Compensator Type magnetic-damped
Range Accuracy 0.30”/1’
Data storage card 16MB
Connection USB
External storage SD card
Circular vial accuracy 8’/2mm
Auto power off 5minutes/off
Horizontal dial Graduation 1
LCD display with illuminator 160x64dpi
Working temperature -20 C – 50 C
Dimension 230mm(L)x150mm(W)