D9, D210J & D110J
Various antennas, batteries and chargers available for ALL BRANDS


  • LDM that captures multiple, accurate measurements in three dimensions from a single location, radically improving the efficiency of common measuring tasks.
  • Smart Base – A biaxial pivot integrated with the circuit board is the key hardware innovation. Combined with a more powerful laser, a 360° tilt sensor, and new software
  • Smart Base enables the S910 to measure the distances and angles between multiple points.
  • Point to Point (P2P): Measure the tie distance between two points, even if you are far away from your target.
  • Shoot Point 1 then Point 2 and the S910 displays the distance between them.
  • Widths, heights, diagonals, gaps, it doesn’t matter: Just measure the start and end point and the distance is displayed.
  • Smart Area: Shoot the corners of any polygon to determine the area of walls, fl oors, evenly complex roof shapes.
  • Smart Angle: Shoot three points to measure any angle (includinG outside angles, which is a first).
  • With Built-in Camera