Linertec Total Stations

Key Features:
• Reflector-less range: 500m
• Easy operation
• Internal memory: 20.000 points
Data Interface: SD, USB, RS-232C, BLUETOOTH

LTS-205N – 5’’LTS-205N
LTS-202N – 2’’LTS-202N


Available in two new models:
LTS-205N – 5’’LTS-205N
LTS-202N – 2’’LTS-202N
Various data transport & communication options:
Stored coordinate & observation data can be easily exchanged between
LTS-200 and your PC using SD Card, USB Data Cable, and RS232 Cable.
Also equipped with a class II Bluetooth module for communicating with external
data collectors and handheld devices.
Large memory:
The on-board memory of LTS-200 has capacity of storing 60,000 Points allowing you
to handle any measurement inspection tasks efficiently.