Complete combo kit:
X1 TDJ6E Theodolite
X1 6kg Wooden Tripod
X1 Ranging Rod 2m in bag



The TDJ6E optical theodolite can be used for various professional surveying in the construction and many other fields. It adopts an X-long pendulum compensator, which can automatically compensate the index error of vertical circle, and features good resistance to high-frequency vibration. Due to the optical micrometer, this precision optical instrument can directly read the vertical angle and horizontal angle to a high accuracy of 1″ or 1cc. The telescope of the optical theodolite can present either erect images. The unique design of air damping structure makes stable and reliable performance of the instrument possible. The color field makes the circle easy to read with accuracy.

Manufactured according to the GB/T3161-2003 national standard, the optical theodolite can be used for third and fourth class national triangulation, precise traverse survey, setting out survey, and the installation of precision machinery. In most cases, it is usually placed on a tripod in the field, and can be commonly found in the hydrological investigation, geological exploration, road laying, water course, bridge, water control projects, urban construction, etc.

Measurement Range: 0° – 360°
Level Standard deviation for one measurement
per scan (outside):
Vertical Standard deviation for one measurement
per scan (indoor):
Telescope Image Erect
Magnification 30x
Objective Aperture 40mm
Field of view 1°30′
Shortest sighting distance 2m
Multiplication constant 100
Addition constant 0
Length of sleeve 172mm
 Level Plate level 30″/2mm
Circular Level 8’/2mm
Graduated circle and optical micrometer Diameter of horizontal circle 94mm
Value of horizontal circle
Diameter of vertical circle 76mm
Value of vertical circle
Scale unit of vernier
Reading accuracy of vernier 0.1′
Reading microscope Horizontal magnification 68x
Vertical magnification 65.4x
Auto compensator for index of vertical circle Working range ±2′
Installation error ±1″
Optical plummet Magnification 3x
Field of view
Range of focusing 0.5m-∞
Instrument Net weight 4.3kg
Center height of horizontal axis 207mm
Size 136mm x 130mm x 286mm