RTK Base & Rover- S9III GPS Kit and Controller


New tough stonex s4ii handheld device (tough!)

C/w: battery, charger, cable

Software of your choice: survce / field genius / ceaser softwrae


30-350065 CD with documentation and software for S9GNSS and RTK tutorial [english]
30-350059 Multi-port link cable between receiver S9III and PC or controller
30-350097 QT0822D, Antenna for GPRS/CDMA2000/WCDMA module S8 / S9 III (2dBi)
30-350053 PSA18R-120P, Adapter for battery charger CH-S932X84
30-350052 CH-S932X84, Battery Charger for BT-S9374
30-350090 Standard carrying case for S9III/S8, plastic, yellow
30-350082 Screwdriver
30-350051 BT-S9374, Li-Ion battery for S9III/S8 GNSS [7.4V., 2500mAh]
30-350084 QTA440A – UHF antenna for internal radio modem S9III/S8-S8, 430-470MHz, 4dBi
30-350066 Telescopic carbon fibre pole for GPS S9III-S8-S7, Max Lenght=2.45m
30-600300 Wooden tripod cm. 114-187 T.P
30-010011 STJ13-BL, Tribrach (metal, three-jaw, optical plummet, blue)
30-020006 STL10-BL, Adapter for tribrach STJ13-BL (metal, three jaw, optical plummet, blue)