S9III S4C – Key features:
* 220 channels, both l1 and l2 capabilities
* glonass, galileo, compass, beidou
* frequency range: 430~450mhz
* 4gb internal memory (over 60 days of raw static data storage with recording sample every 1 seconds
* vibration resistance technology


The benefits of using NTRIP over radio setups:
  • Less equipment to carry in the field. Almost all data collectors, smartphones and computers have the capability to connect to the internet even in a field setting. This is usually done through a SIM card.
  • No license required (some radios require licensing).
  • Mitigate the chance of radio interference.
  • No limitation on communication range. 900MHz, VHF and UHF radios have a limited range.
  • The limits of using NTRIP:
  • Requires the work area is in range of cellular service for receiving corrections data via the Internet.