Stonex R2 Total Station R2W

• 350m on 5” and 500 m on 2” accuracy instrument and a measurement range up to 5000/7000 m with single prism
• Communication with the mini USB port to load/download data
• Laser technology (class 3 laser with a wavelength between 650 and 690nm) for distance measurement
• Alphanumeric keyboard on both sides with high resolution LCD display and backlight and 8 lines of 24 characters
• Large storage capacity with 128MB internal memory and up to 2GB SD card for external memory
Field Genius – INCLUDED
SurvCE – R 7,280.00 + VAT (CODE: SCE+1)



The STONEX instrument design is characterized by its robust mechanical chassis, certified dustproof and waterproof (IP55) standards. The STONEX R2 Plus is built with high performance optics with a 30X magnification factor and illuminated reticle featuring superior sighting quality in any lighting condition.
The STONEX R2 Plus offers angular accuracies of 2″or 5″, and 2mm + 2ppm accuracy on distance measurements. The instrument EDM features DR distance measurement range of 350 meters on 5” accuracy instrument, 500 meters on 2” accuracy instrument and a measurement range up to 5000/7000 meters with single prism.
The removable storage option of SD card allows greater flexibility to increase the storage capacity and downloading of data. The instrument is facilitated with a mini USB connector for upload and downloads of data to the computer and other external devices. The instrument can be supplied with an inbuilt laser plummet or an optical plummet.

R2 Plus, WINDOWS CE, 500m, 2″ with bluetooth, guide light
Software options: Field Genius (Free)
Survce Software
In the box: Description Qty
B20-220054 OR 64 Instrument unit, depending on the chosen mode 1
30-350028 BT43 Rechargeable Li-on battery for total station R1 Series, 7.4V, 3400mAh 2
30-350502 FDJ6-L1 Battery charger for BT82/BT43, 110/220V 1
30-350504 Rain cover for R1 / R1 PLUS / R2 PLUS series 1
30-350505 Tools bag for R1 / R1 PLUS / R2 PLUS series 1
30-350513 RP60 Reflective sheet for reflector-less total station (any model) 1
30-350514 RP30 Reflective sheet for reflector-less total station (any model) 1
30-350530 USB cable for total station R1 \ R1 Plus series 1
30-350529 R1 \ R1 Plus carrying case 4
30-350523 Tribrach for R1 / R1 PLUS / R2 PLUS series 1
30-350531 CD set for driver for total station R1 \ R1 PLUS series 1


Angle Measurment
Reading Sysytem Absolute Encoder
Angle Unit 360°(dms/d)/400gon/6400mil
Accuracy1 2″
Magnification 30x
Field of view 1°30′
Minimum focus 1.0m
Reticle 10 brightness levels adjustable
Objective aperture Փ45mm
System Electronic dual-axis compensator
working range/Accuracy ±3.0′ / 1″
Distance measurement range (Good condition)2
Refelctorless3 1.0~500m
With Prism 1.0~3000m Class 1
up to 7000m Class 3
With reflective sheet (60mm x 60mm) 1.0~800m
With mini prism 1.0~800m
Distance measurement accuracy
Without prism ±(3+2×10-6D)mm/1~200m
With prism ±(2+2×10-6D)mm
With reflective sheet (60mm x 60mm) ±(3+2×10-6D)mm
Distance measurement
Laser class (prism) Class 1
Laser class (reflectorless / reflector sheet) Class 3R
Measuring time Initial: 2.5 sec
Reflectorless typ: 1.5-5 sec, max: 20 sec
With prism typ: 1.0-1.5sec
With reflective sheet (60mm x 60mm) typ: 1.5 sec
Distance unit m / ft / US ft
Laser plummet (standard)4
Accuracy ±1.00mm at 1.5m instrument height
Laser class Class 2 / IEC60825-1
Laser wavelength 635nm
Laser spot 2.0mm / 1.5m
Level Vial Sensitivity
Plate level vial 30″ / 2mm
Circular level vial 8′ / 2mm
Enviromental conditions
Operating temperature -20°C ~ +50°C
Storage temperature -40°C ~ +70°C
Protection to dust and water IP55 (IEC60529)
Weight including battery and tribrach 55kg
Battery 3400mAh’Lion rechargeable
Output voltage 7.4V
Operating period with continuous angle measurement 12 hours
Operating period with measurement every 30 seconds Approx. 9 hours (>1000 measurements)
Charger 110V/240V
Charging time (at +20°C) Approx. 4 hours
Other specifications
CPU ARM9 core
Display Two sides, 3.5″ color TFTLCD (320 x 240 pixel), touch screen
Operating system Windows CE 7.0
Internal memory 2GB
Interface RS-232C / USB slave / USB host
Bluetooth On board
Bluetooth level Class 2
Bluetooth effective distance 10m
Guide light system On board
Sensor Temperature/Pressure