S8 GNSS 120ch
UHF 410/470 Mhz TX/RX -(x2)
STONEX S4 Handheld Device (x1)
Ceaser Surveying Software (Proudly South African Software)



The new STONEX S8 is one among the evolution of the range of GNSS receivers designed and manufactured
by STONEX. As with the S9III and S7 Series, S8 provides new opportunities for the Surveyor’s needs, featuring
top performances at an exceedingly reasonable cost.

STONEX S8 hosts a complete range of features and flexibility. The standard STONEX S8 receiver features
an inbuilt internal UHF transmitting and receiving radio modem, GSM/GPRS module for GPS
network connection facilitating direct communication, and Bluetooth™ device for wireless communication.
Designed in Italy with an aluminum lower casing, the STONEX S8 allows a better heat dissipation generated
from the internal radio modem to increase the performance and durability STONEX S8 receivers ensure a quick and easy setup in all working modes. The broader compatibility of STONEX S8 with S9III, S9II, and with Trim talk™ protocol, lets you to combine S8 as a TX Base / Rover unit with other STONEX and non STONEX GNSS receivers.

Survey has never been so easy, thanks to the integrated STONEX CUBE software.
STONEX Cube – Professional application software for survey professionals developed at STONEX facilities
combines a fresh and easy interface enabling a simple and powerful workflow for the user. Its integration
with STONEX GNSS receivers makes CUBE, the most preferred tool for day-to-day work of Survey Professionals.

In each box of S8/S8N the following accessories are included :
B10-150044 OR B10-150045 instrument unit, plus:
30-350063 – Measuring tape [Lenght=3m (10 ft). Precision=1mm (1/16in)]
30-350065 – CD with documentation and software for S9GNSS and RTK tutorial [english]
30-350059 – Multi-port link cable between receiver S9III and PC or controller
30-350058 – TQX-0918EL, Antenna for GPRS/GSM module S8 / S9 III (2dB)
30-350053 – PSA18R-120P, Adapter for battery charger CH-S932X84
30-350052 – CH-S932X84, Battery Charger for BT-S9374
30-350090 – Standard carrying case for S9III/S8, plastic, yellow
30-350082 – Screwdriver
30-350051 – BT-S9374, Li-Ion battery for S9III/S8 GNSS [7.4V., 2500mAh]
30-350084 – QTA440A – UHF antenna for internal radio modem S9III/S8-S8, 430-450MHz, 4dBi