• Equipped with absolutely encoding system.
  • Fast speed distance measure.
  • Extended internal memory(max.50000points).
  • High accuracy & long distance measuring range.
  • Complete application programs.
  • Convenient data management system.
  • Long-time working battery.
  • None prism maximum measuring distance: 500m.
  • When communicate with our CC100 data logger, CC100 can control the total station.

1*Good weather conditions: No haze, visibility about 40km, overcast, no scintillation.
2*When performing reflectorless measurement, the possible measurement range and precision will change on the target reflection factor, weather conditions and location conditions.
3*Reflective sheet standard: Kodak gray card, 90% reflective, and object in shade, or sky overcast, no scintillation.
4*With adapter from SD card to USB port.



Image Errect
Magnification 30X
Effective aperture 45mm
Field of view 1° 30′
Minimum focus distance 1.5m
Distance measurement
(under good weather condition) 1*
1P 5.0km
3P 6.0km
Reflectorless 2* 500m
Reflective sheet 3* 800m
Accuracy With reflector: 2mm+2ppmxD
Without reflector: 3mm+2ppmxD
Minimum display 1mm
Distance unit ft. or m selectable
Measuring speed
Fine measurement: 1.8 sec (first time 2.5 sec)
Rapid measurement: 0.9 sec (first time 2.5 sec)
Tracking measurement: 0.4 sec (first time 2.5 sec)
Maximum display 999999.999m
Atmospheric correction manual input or auto correction
Temperature °C or F
Atmospheric pressure manual input or auto correction
Atmospheric deflection & earth curvature correction on(k=0.14/0.20)/off
Angle measurement
Measurement method Absolutely Encoding
Accuracy 2″
Minimum reading 1″ / 5″ / 10″
Plate level 30″ / 2mm
Circular level 8′ / 2mm
Compensator dual axis tilt sensor, working range: ±6′
Resolution 1″
Plummet laser plummet
Display double side LCD display
Date port Bluetooth/RS-232/SD card”
Internal memory 50000 points
External memory 2G SD card, 16G supported
Power rechargeable battery pack
Operating hours about 18 hours
Working temperature -20°C ~ +60°C
Weight 5.4kg
Application programme: Remote elevation measurement
Coordinate measurement
Resection measurement
Area calculation
Line stake-out
Arc stake-out(curve)
Missing line measurement
Coordinate stake-out
Road design customization
Standard accessories: Main unit, 2pcs rechargeable battery pack and 1pc charger, SD card 2GB, dust cover, instrument manual, plastic carrying case.