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This series of electronic theodolite adopts the photoelectric incremental angle measuring system. They integrate optical, mechanical, electronic and computer technologies all in one, realizing a variety of functions including angle measurement, display and storage.
This series of electronic theodolite find wide applications in the Grade III and Grade IV triangle control measurement in national and urban projects, including engineering measurement in railway, highway, bridge, water conservancy, mining projects, etc.
Technical Parameter 5″ (ACCURACY)
Image Erect
Magnification Ratio 30X
Effective Aperture of Object Lens 45mm
Telescope Shortest Visibility Distance 1.35m
Stadia Multiplication Constant 100
Stadia Addition Constant 0
Resolution 3″
Angle Measuring System Mode of Angle Measurement Photoelectric Incremental Reading
Min. Reading 1″  5″
Detection Method H: Both Sides     V: Single Side
Precision of Angle Measurement 5″
Display Both
Optical plummet Image Erect
Angle of View 5 DEGREE
Focusing Range 0.5m ~ ∞
Sensitivity of vial tubular vial 30″/2mm
circular vial 8’/2mm
Ambient Temperature -20oC ~ +50 oC
Power Supply Battery Alkaline battery Rechargeable Ni-H Battery
Source Voltage 4.8V
Duration of Operation Alkaline battery 36h


GPI Right Angle Eyepiece
Heavy Duty Wooden Tripod (6Kg):
Sectional Ranging rod 2m:
Sectional Ranging rod 3m: