Complete with each kit:
Rotating laser, GR-92R Receiver c/w: Bracket,
Charger, GC-92 Remote, Target, Hand book &
heavy duty carry case.



Vertical & Horizontal leveling!Automatic red & green laser beam turns off if the laser is out of levelling range. It also has an unlevelled warning light and low battery power light. The GPR’s sealed structure makes is possible to use in various weather conditions. This machine is automatic, requires no levelling if tripod is less than 5 degrees out. Just put down and start working!
Model GPR-R6/G6
Wave length Laser diode, wavelength 635nm
Water proof IP-54
Leveling accuracy Horizontal: ±20 , Vertical: ±20 (3mm over 30m)
Spinning speed 0, 60, 120, 300, 600 r.p.m.
Directional-scanning 0° , 10° , 45° , 90° , 180°
Self-leveling range ±5°
Measuring range Dia. 500m(Using the laser detector)
Remote controlling distance
Approximately 20m
Power supply
DC4.8-6V(Ni-MH, rechargeable
Mounting thread
5/8X11,ISO standard
Working temperature
-20° C~+50° C (-4° F~+122° F)
Dimension 160(L)x160(W)x185(H)mm
Weight 3kgs


2.3 Elevator Tripod:
2.5m 3pce staff:
WL-05 Wall Mount:
WL-08 Wall Mount:
(Can be used for vertical levelling)
R6 Red Beam Laser
Grade Rod (cut n fill staff)
2.5m Laser E-face Staff
2.3m Elevator Tripod
1.5m Elevator Tripod